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Amazing! Wicked room, super fun and a little challenging at the beginning!! My partner and I were able to get through it quite smoothly! Loved the Monsters theme ☺️
Sophie A
Loved it! Great experience and really well thought out. We did the monster Inc theme which was perfect for a family. The staff member was really friendly and explained everything we needed to know. Will definitely be back to try out the other new rooms in the near future.
Philip C
Our family of 4 (kids 8 & 9) decided to visit during a holiday at the GC. We had an amazing time and can't wait to try another escape room. Monsters Inc. themed with some fun props. Puzzles were very engaging and challenging enough so that we were never bored. Kids loved being able to participate as part of the family team, working out some clues before we could. We all loved it. Thanks Fusion for the great customer service and fantastic morning!
Erin G
This is not my first escape room, but it’s my favourite escape experience to date. We walked in off the street and they had a room free because of a cancellation... so lucky!! 100% recommend this experience to families with older teens. My teens, their gran and I enjoyed it so much we’re keen to book the next escape adventure - I hope that the next location lives up to the high standards of our Gold Coast experience!
Hayley M
We had a great morning at Fusion Escape Rooms. The kids had a great time. If you are into puzzles then this is some great family fun.
We've done a fair few escape rooms now and this one stood out for a few reasons. 1) It was excellently themed. Really nostalgic for the 90's babies and anyone else familiar with the film (the scream tank that filled as you progressed through the room was a great idea) 2) Original aspects - It had at least one element to solve that we had never come across before in any other room and also their communication system with staff (for hints etc) is very slick and clear. 3) The head-to-head aspect (and the fact you could see each other!) was a great addition and allows for a larger team to participate and the room not be too crowded. We played 3 vs 2 and it was great. and finally... 4) Sean, who introduced our game, explained the rules and we chatted with afterwards was the most engaging and friendly Escape Room employee we have ever come across. You can tell he has great passion for the place and gets you so excited to give it a go.
Hayley G
New, exciting and interactive! I have done a lot of escape room across Brisbane and the Gold Coast and this would have to be one of the best. It’s fun, interactive and would be great for people of any age. Exceeded my expectations by far and would highly recommend to everyone!!
Jazzmyne W
Exciting, immersive and extremely memorable Amazing activity for locals and visitors in the Gold Coast. Whether you go with your family, friends or work colleagues, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time. Great pricing for an escape room of such high quality. The new venue is also wonderful and prepares you for an exciting experience.
Great new theme for an escape room. The props, the music, the rooms, and the overall experience is true to the movie. It's great how Fusion have linked it to all parts if the movie, we even had the Monsters Inc leader board updating. The puzzles are great, very challenging in the first part, but once we got past that, everything flowed and linked together. We love escape rooms and will definitely be back for the new rooms when they open!
Stacey W
Went to the Monsters room based on the theme and we were not disappointed. This is probably the most fun we have had while trying to escape a room. Would definitely recommend to others and hope some more (disney) themed rooms are created in future. Thanks guys - what a great idea!!
Letitia L
Such a great room! Really enjoyed it. The staff are super helpful as well. Thank you! Can’t wait for your new rooms.
Brittany Y
Heaps of fun! The rooms are very new age and provide you with a challenge as well as lots of laughs. Staff are super friendly and make the experience even better! Highly recommended!